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HIGH-PERFORMANCE COMPUTING WORKSHOPS: Click here to check into several workshops this fall on high-performance computing, offered by the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. These workshops are sponsored by XSEDE, the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment, a virtual system that scientists can use to interactively share computing resources, data and expertise.

FUNDING: Are you using Pivot to research funding opportunities? To keep pace with growing and evolving research fields, Pivot uses keywords carefully matched to each funding opportunity. This site is updated regularly, so check back often. 

RESOURCES: Have an academic visitor arriving? The University of Pittsburgh welcomes academic visitors to our campuses for educational collaboration, observation, personal study, and research activities. If you have a visitor coming, check this site for guidance and procedures. 



The International Space Station National Lab has teamed up with Pitt's McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine to push the limits of biomedical research and development aboard the orbiting laboratory (Office of Economic Partnerships)

National Science Foundation Funds Bridges-2 Supercomputer at Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center for massive computational capacity and the flexibility to adapt to the rapidly evolving field of data- and computation-intensive research.

Case study: Grasping complexity in bird songs (Center for Research Computing)

Pitt research working to reduce carbon-based fuel consumption by reusing bus exhaust (Center for Research Computing) 

Out of the Lab to the Great Outdoors through Biological Sciences (Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences) 

Bioengineering undergraduates take their diagnostic innovation to the Rice 360° Global Health Competition (Swanson School of Engineering)

Human Engineering Laboratories Student Spins Out  Company to Produce Pneumatic Wheelchairs and Scooters (Innovation Institute) 

Performance Innovation Tournament top prize: What can help swimmers improve their strokes? (Innovation Institute)